Ride Sharing, OpenData, Schnittstellen, Mitfahr-Börsen, Fahrgemeinschaften, Trampen und mehr
2018-12-28, 15:00–16:30, WikiPakaWG Küche

We meet to talk about ride sharing. How to reduce the ecologic impact of traffic by more people riding in cars together. Some activists of the ride sharing ecosystem will be there and we would like to meet more people to grow. Topics will be tools, data and especiall ahot to imporove ride shraing to and from the Congress.

Inhalte: Ride Sharing, Mitfahren, Fahrgemeinschaften, Trampen

Note there is 35c3.fahrgemeinschaft.de for finding ride to and from the Congress.

The meeting is not exclusively about fahrgemeinschaft.de but open to any other projects, ideas, etc.